What will you get out of this ebook?

  • You will learn the less known consequences of excessive sitting and their implications on the overall health.
  • You will gain clarity about the implications that both sitting and standing have on your health during daily
  • You will find out the positive impact that ergonomics can have on your posture, comfort, back conditions and productivity
  • You will learn how to integrate 3 simple solutions into your daily habits that will help you solve some common back pain and productivity problems
  • We will provide you a list of further valuable resources on this topic, vetted by a physical therapist.

Comfort, health and productivity are all tied together through strong, complementary bonds. The lack of care for either of those have huge negative effects that are not that obvious.

The many faces of sitting and back pain

You lose money and time

  • In 2004, 25.9 million workers lost an average of 7.2 days of work due to back pain.

  • Studies by leading organizations show that the costs of back pain start from $50 billion per year and can go up to $200 billion, taking into account factors such productivity and efficiency.
  • Cases in one study proved that 54% of Americans experiencing pain spend most of their workday sitting
People with back pain at desk

It affects your mental and physical health

  • Back pain and bad posture is associated with low productivity, low energy levels, bad mood and stress
  • Sitting for 6+ hours during the workday puts you at a higher risk for anxiety and depression
  • Muscles burn less fat and blood flows more slowly during prolonged sitting, which leads to clogged arteries and fatty liver disease
People with back pain at desk