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Working at least 6 hours at a desk can be a consumptive process for your physical and mental health. Readapting your home workplace can prevent musculoskeletal disorders and mental conditions, such as back pain and discomfort, lack of productivity,  anxiety or stress. This concept is using an innovative perspective of elements such as natural light, green plants, and architectural ideas in order to raise your energy level, create an optimal environment to develop and shape your professional and creative skills. There are a few steps you can follow to change your working area in a dynamic place:

Define your home spaces

Define clear and loud your spaces: where you sleep, where you eat, where you work. Even if you don’t have enough space in the house to separate all these 3, you need at least to separate them by action: you don’t eat where you work, you don’t work where you sleep and other combinations. Why? Because our brain relates an action to a specific environment. So if, you want your brain to be fully engaged when working, don’t confuse it by sleeping there.

Shape your workplace

Think about things like lightning, plants or air conditioning which have a significant impact on productivity and performance.

  1. Open the window! Breathe! You may not live in the cleanest city.or near a forest but you need fresh oxygenated air in order to think clearly. 
  2. Reevaluate your lighting sources. Illumination in the workplace has a significant impact on productivity and performance. Insufficient or poorly distributed light may result in eye strain or visual discomfort which is likely to have an impact on cognitive and physical function, energy levels, mood, and concentration by interfering with physiological factors like circadian rhythms.
  3. Think green! Plants are the coolest piece of decoration! You can easily add a pinch of freshness to your room with some succulent green flowers and create the perfect environment to work. Not to mention that taking care of your plants is a routine that can be mixed with other new healthy habits.

Embrace ergonomics

Set your office in a suitable way to fit your needs. Pay attention to the height of your desk or chair so that you can alternate your working positions. Make sure you change from sitting to standing every hour. Standing when working is a far better option than sitting. But the transition to a standing workplace is a complex process which requires time and effort. For the beginning, you can start with shorts periods of standing integrated into your office working routine. Sit-stand option is the first step in your workplace transformation. It brings versatility and flexibility, helps emerge the new ideas to a  free-flowing working environment. Here are the benefits of a standing workstation.

Also, you can use devices like lumbar support, standing workstation (Standing Workstation Amazon) or therapeutic balls to help you keep a proper posture during office working. While ergonomic improvements to the work environment are primarily used to create a safer and more healthful work environment, there are other benefits, including:

  • Increased productivity and work quality
  • Maintaining a proper, correct posture during work
  • Reduced turnover
  • Increased energy and morale

Make it yours!

Working in a place you don’t like can be difficult or exhausting sometimes. This is what you have to personalize it.  Make it yours. Even if is about a photography you took two years ago on your wonderful vacation to the Mediterranean, or a mug you got from you best friend, put it there. You can build your own working box of good vibes. 

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